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News, Events, Birthdays, History - March 19 - March 25


Operation "Iraqi Freedom" Begins - March 19, 2003.
This day in 2003 marked the beginning of the U.S. and British-led coaltion effort to oust Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from power. Less than 2 months later, on May 1, President George W. Bush announced the end of major military operations in Iraq. Hussein was captured by U.S. forces on December 13, 2003. Violence and hostilities would continue in Iraq for the next six-plus years.

THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING! March 20th, 2013.
Snow-covered states, take heart! The vernal equinox is here, and Spring is on the way. This day also marks the kick-off of National Spring Fever Week. And...the interval between sunrise and sunset is almost exactly the same everyw here across the globe...12 hours and 8 minutes, to be exact.
Hitler Assassination Attempt - March 21, 1943.
In a suicide/assassination attempt planned for this date, Major General Baron von Gersdorff was to carry a bomb in the pocket of his greatcoat to the "Heroes Memorial Day" annual dedication to the dead of the First World War. Hitler was to attend this event to inspect some weaponry taken from captured Russian soldiers. The bomb was to go off within 10 minutes of Hitler's arrival at the event as he was not expected to be there for very long. The conspirators were unable to locate the necessary short time fuse and the attempt had to be called off. This was the second serious plan to assassinate Hitler in 1943.
Selma Civil Rights March - March 21, 1965.
More than 3,000 civil rights demonstrators led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, began a four-day march from Selma, AL, to Montgomery, AL, to demand federal protection of voting rights. There were violent attempts by local police, using fire hoses and dogs, to suppress the march. A march two weeks before on Mar 7, 1965, was called "Bloody Sunday" because of the use of nightsticks, chains and electric cattle prods against the marchers by the police.

LIBERTY DAY! - March 23rd, 1775.
This is the anniversary of Patrick Henry's speech in favor of arming the Virginia militia and joining the American revolutionary cause.  His famous quote from this day was..."I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death".

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill - March 24, 1989.
The oil tankder Exxon Valdez ran aground at Prince William Sound, leaking 11 million gallons of oil. 
Wyatt Earp- March 19, 1848.
A legendary figure of the Old West, Earp worked as a railroad hand, saloon keeper, gambler, lawman, gunslinger, miner and real estate investor at various times. Best known for the gunfight at the OK Corral Oct 26, 1881, at Tombstone, AZ.
John Joseph Sirica- March 19, 1904.
John Sirica, "the Watergate Judge," was born at Waterbury, CT. During two years of trials and hearings, Sirica relentlessly pushed for the names of those responsible for the June 17, 1972, burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington's Watergate Complex. His unwavering search for the truth ultimately resulted in the toppling of the Nixon administration.
Mister Rogers- March 20, 1928.
"Won't you neighbor... " Fred Rogers authored a number of books for parents and children, wrote more than 200 songs and won dozens of awards. He is best known for hosting the long-running program "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." Bach
Johann Sebastian Bach - March 21, 1685.
For lovers of classical music everywhere, Bach needs no introduction. An organist and composer, he was undoubtedly one of the most influential composers in musical history.
William Shatner, March 22nd, 1931.
Captain Kirk, from Star Trek, Shatner's career has led a successful acting career for decades.
Harry Houdini - March 24th, 1874.
A magician and escape artist, Houdini was best known for his ability to escape from locked restraints, including handcuffs, straightjackets, coffins, boxes and milk cans.  Milk cans??